Saturday, February 2, 2019

WELCOME to Film Jammer!!

Welcome aboard!!  Film Jammer was created as an entertainment news blog comprised of independent filmmakers.  As active creators, we take a huge interest in what's going on in the film industry and aren't paid to skew our opinion for the sake of biased interests - we like to form our own opinion of what's going on.  Our primary goals are to stay up-to-date on industry news as well as give a unique perspective from the indie side of the impact - a view that is often suppressed in lieu of larger studios and networks.

As our opinions and views are our own based on our own experiences, we welcome discussion from other filmmakers a well to elevate the conversations we post here.  We are advocates for a working community devoid of toxicity but notwithstanding some profanity (that means just don't put anybody down for their opinion, lack of experience, or alternate views; we want true coexistence without bulldozing newbies).

Thank you for visiting and please subscribe to our posts!  You can also visit our film website at  We look forward to building this community with you!

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